We pursue unlimited possibilities

Since approximately the 8th century, Konnyaku products have been loved by the Japanese.
Traditionally, Konnyaku products were used in hot pot as SUKIYAKI, ODEN and grilled dishes but today, they are added to salads and desserts.
To accommodate these new culinary needs, we have created an assortment of new Konnyaku products such as Yuba-Kon, Vegie Pearl, Konnyaku Noodle and Konnyaku Fruit Punch, to name a few.Experience the new and unique shape and texture of our healthy Konnyaku products.

3years Konjac field

It takes 3-4 years until Konjac corms are mature enough to be harvested as ingredients for our delicious Konnyaku products.

Since our founding in 1953, we have endeavored to deliver delicious Konnyaku products.

Our mission and challenge is to make new, creative and high quality Konnyaku products using the best quality ingredients and craftsmanship.

To Our Customers,
Since 1953, our company has always focused on quality ingredients and manufacturing methods which persist to this day. We continue to search for the best elements to develop Konnyaku products that will suit our customers' wishes and needs. This is our passion and what our company stands for.